The Customer Service Culture

A service culture exists when you motivate the employees in your organization to take a customer-centric approach to their regular duties and work activities. Customer service oriented employees put customer needs first when presenting solutions and providing support.

If you need to set the Customer Service Culture for Your Company

You need to;

  1. Get everyone involved.
  2. Benchmark your current level of customer focus.
  3. Make it real – Define what “customer focus” means in your business.
  4. Put customers on the agenda. – “that is; discuss customer in every meeting”.
  5. Hire people with a customer focused mindset.
  6. Help employees connect their work with customers.
  7. Recognize customer focused behavior. – “Reward and Recognition”.
  8. Set Policies and Train.

Above all, customer service culture involves a set of beliefs, values, and action options that are communicated to all members of the organization, so they can be used to guide and mold interactions and decision-making regarding customers.

Thus, “If you want to improve customer service culture – and your level of service overall in your organization– the example needs to be set from the top down”

Happy Customer Service Week 2017



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