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Point- of - Sales System
At IIS Analysis & Implementation Ltd. have been deploying retail point-of-sales solutions since year 2010. We based our solution on the features demanded by larger supermarket, stores, and hotels. We have innovative, user-friendly and local content applications that are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Do you need Point-of-Sale for your Business?
Our PoS solution is an integrated system that allows businesses to manage sales, inventory, purchasing, and bookkeeping.
While considering buying a complete PoS system, you can still make use of your available PC or Laptop computer to achieve the same purpose and result.

Top Reasons why you need PoS
  • increase productivity
  • automate tasks and business process
  • reduce the operating costs
  • eliminate human errors and save money in the long term
  • help you to track and manage your inventory in real time
  • monitor your sales records and alert you when stock is running low
  • reduced paper work by automatically generating accurate reports
  • simplifies the accounting processes
  • increase customer satisfaction

Hotel Solutions
helps Hotel solve difficult task of capturing guest information at a glance.

Retail PoS
stores and restaurant

Stock Controls
track all inventory
from one small retail outlet to a chain of stores across several locations.

Accounting Solutions

a full function accounting software which provides tools for creating a custom bookkeeping system and yet remains user-friendly
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